with Tin Vuong
source: https://chefsinsight.com/tin-vuong/

Douban Chili Crack Noodles

By Chef Tin Vuong
  • 2" cut bone-in beef shanks
  • Fresh Taiwanese noodles
  • For marinade:
    Black pepper
    Light soy
    Broad bean chili paste (douban chili)
    Sichuan pepper (ground)
    Fennel (ground)
    Cumin (ground)
    Cinnamon (ground)
  • For braising:
    Cinnamon (whole)
    Star anise (whole)
    Black peppercorn (whole)
    Allspice (whole)
    Clove (whole)
    Dried Yunnan chili
    Scallion ends
    Demi glace
    Tendon liquid (when available)
    Chicken stock (to cover)
    Soy mixture in equal parts
    Dark mushroom soy
    Sweet soy
    Red vinegar
  • To pickup:
    Chili oil
    Chili paste
    Greens (pea tendrils, water spinach, etc.)
  • For garnishing:
    Sesame seeds
    Salted mustard greens
    Fried shallot
    Garlic oil

A note from Chef's Insight:
Is this recipe missing quantities for most of the ingredients? It sure is. That's the way Tin sent it but we're confident you can take his outline to make a killer bowl of noodles.

  1. Marinade beef shanks (with ingredients at left) overnight
  2. Braise (with ingredients at left) for approx. 4 hours at 300℉
  3. Pull shanks when ready and cool completely before thinly slicing
  4. Strain the braising liquid and set aside for later
  5. Cook noodles until bloomed and spongy but not overcooked and set aside
  6. Sauté chili oil and chili paste until fragrant
  7. Toss in greens and cook 1 min.
  8. Add braising liquid to deglaze and reduce slightly
  9. Add noodles and toss until most of the liquid is absorbed
  10. Add sliced shanks and soy mixture
  11. Adjust seasoning/sauce texture with stock until glazed and delicious
  12. Transfer to bowl and garnish