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Chef Brad Miller
  • from: Ox & Son
  • recipe: Stuffed pig trotters w/ asparagus & morels
  • fact: Loves his little offset spatula and a sharp knife
Chef Shirley Chung Black Cod w/ Crustacean Broth
  • from: Twenty Eight
  • recipe: Black cod w/ crustacean broth, shiitake, daikon
  • fact: Was locked up for 3 months (by Top Chef)
Causa Norteña [Peruvian Aji w/ Sauce] Ricardo Zarate
  • from: Mo-Chica
  • recipe: Causa Norteña (Peruvian Aji w/ Sauce)
  • fact: Had his first pop-up restaurant as a kid
Tin Vuong Douban Chili Crack Noodles
  • from: Little Sister
  • recipe: Douban Chili Crack Noodles
  • fact: He's a chef, not a teacher
Jessica Koslow's Chicken Salad and Shiso Lemon Verbena Tea Jessica Koslow
  • from: Sqirl
  • recipe: Roast chicken salad + herb dressing + lemon verbena & mint tea
  • fact: Squirrely but focused
Chef Ben Ford portrait Pork belly lettuce wraps w/ pickled watermelon + chili glaze
  • from: Ford's Filling Station
  • recipe: Pork belly lettuce wraps w/ pickled watermelon + chili glaze
  • fact: Loves hogs head to tail
Chef Jimmy Shaw portrait Swordfish Tacos al Pastor & Heirloom Salad w/ Jamaica Reduction
  • from: ¡Lotería! Grill
  • recipe: Swordfish tacos al pastor + heirloom salad w/ jamaica reduction
  • fact: Loves tacos on a date
Green Feast table 1 Green Feast table 2
  • at: The Ecology Center
  • stats: 16 chefs + 200 guests
    8 apps + 4 courses
    Oh, and 100°
Roasted dungeness crab salad Chef Casey Overton
  • from: The Loft @ Montage
  • recipe: Roasted Dungeness crab salad w/ pumpkin & garlic
  • fact: No repeats
Chef Adam Baird Habit surf 'n turf (parmesan-crusted char slider, cold-smoked albacore)
  • from: The Habit Burger Grill
  • recipe: Char slider + cold smoked sashimi albacore
  • fact: Fast casual wine country cuisine (at home)
Chef Diego Velasco portrait Crawfish boil
  • from: Memphis Cafe
  • recipe: Backyard crawfish boil
  • fact: Loves lobster & Led Zeppelin
Chef Tom Fraker Pixie tangerine & shrimp sauté recipe
  • from: Melissa's Produce
  • recipe: Pixie tangerine & shrimp sauté (on the farm)
  • fact: Loves Pixies, Camaros & his mom's lasagna
Alfred Prasad portrait Pan-grilled lamb escalopes and potato + mango salad
  • from: Tamarind of London
  • recipe: Lamb escalopes w/ potato + mango salad
  • fact: Electric grinder lover
Pan-seared tilapia w/ organic greens Adam Navidi
  • from: Future Foods Farms
  • recipe: Pan-seared tilapia w/ organic greens
  • fact: Into everything-ponics
Mary Sue Milliken portrait Aji Amarillo Fried Chicken photo
  • from: Border Grill
  • recipe: Aji amarillo fried chicken w/ heirloom bean salad
  • fact: Prefers silence
Fried oyster poutine Chef Casey Lane
  • from: The Parish
  • recipe: Fried oyster poutine
  • fact: Grew up with bison & chocolate croissants
Josie Le Balch portrait Corn succotash (w/ pork chops & herb oil)
  • from: Josie & Next Door
  • recipe: Corn succotash w/ pork chops & herb oil
  • fact: Grounded a lot as a kid
Chef Bernard Guillas portrait Fennel Pollen Pistachio Crusted Alaskan Halibut
  • from: The Marine Room
  • recipe: Fennel pollen pistachio Alaskan halibut + more
  • fact: Has 55 'children'
Chef Franco Barone portrait
  • from: il Barone Ristorante
  • recipe: Wild boar wellington
  • fact: Sharpens his spatula & loves his mother-in-law
Truffled wild mushroom farro risotto Chef Jamie Gwen portrait
  • from: TV, radio, chefjamie.com
  • recipe: Farro risotto w/ truffled mushrooms
  • fact: Culinary churchgoer
Tequila Gone a Bartender Demi Stevens
  • from: Ortega 1 2 0
  • recipe: 4 signature cocktails
  • fact: It's all about ratios.   And Fernet. And shoes.
Jason Quinn portrait Crispy pig head torchon
  • from: Playground
  • recipe: Crispy pig head torchon
  • fact: Got into cooking from chemistry + Emeril Live
Chef Rachel Klemek Chocolate tart and marshmallow
  • from: Blackmarket Bakery
  • recipe: Chocolate caramel tart + Marshmallows
  • fact: Loves branding & beer
Chef Gabbi Patrick Ensalada de nopales
  • from: Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen
  • recipe: Ensalada de nopales
  • fact: Likes a clean kitchen
Soft Shell Crab B.L.T. Chef John Cuevas
  • from: Crow Bar and Kitchen
  • recipe: Soft shelled crab B.L.T.
  • fact: Full back tat is plenty
Chef Paul Bauer Chilean sea bass
  • from: Claes Ovation
  • recipe: Chilean sea bass
  • fact: Compliments make him blush
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